Nest Boxes for Swifts

The perfect nest box for swifts may never be found. All sizes and shapes have been made. Some work yet similar boxes do not. Should they be light inside, dark, rough, front entrance or hole in the base? When you think about it where does a swift nest? These days it is usually in or around a building. They could be in the eaves, the stone work, on the attic floor or on top of the walls. We have seen them in small sites about the size of a child's ball and in over flow pipes. Here is an example of home made nest box.

I personally think a good sized box is as shown below. To keep starlings out the entrance hole must not be any bigger than 55/60mm wide and 28mm high. It can be rounded at the edges or rectangular. Don't forget to include a budgie nest concave for the swifts to lay on. You can buy these from any good pet shop.

The box can be painted to match the house.

Your nest boxes should ideally positioned as high as possible on your house/building or structure. There should be no clutter, shrubs and trees etc, that may hinder the swifts from getting in and out.

Click the photo below to see a variety of nest box designs